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Asana practice as an artistic activity.

When an artist paints a picture they want convey a specific idea or experience to the viewer, like, for example, the idea of releasing and letting go of the old

as described by the autumnal picture of leaves falling from the trees.

To share and convey this idea to the viewer an artist may perhaps sketch a first outline of the geometric shape of a tree, and through continual looking at this autumnal picture they apply paint and slowly build up this autumnal scene they wish to share.

In asana practice we also take a specific idea, which we want to convey through the physical, geometrical form of the pose. For example, we could also take the idea of a release of the old, and opening a new fresh space in the practice of the standing half moon.

And through carefully guiding the process of thinking the idea, feeling the idea and adjusting the body to move with the idea, so we begin to express a more lively quality through the physical form.

To get an example of how asana practice can be a lively, artistic activity we looked at a short video of yoga teacher Heinz Grill, consciously guiding the handstand into a lively expression of a direct, upright, clear freedom.

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