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Bringing an idea into lively expression through the yoga pose

October 23, 2019

Last week we looked mainly at the idea behind the  manipura cakra - extending and entering into a growing expansive movement.


To bring the idea of the manipura cakra into expression we practiced yoga poses, which are more suited to a centring in the region of this cakra. Our practice in the individual yoga poses was guided by a:


Method with 4 simple steps

applied, for example, in the sitting head to knee - shown here by Heinz Grill.

  1.  Sketch a first the picture of the pose in its idea and physical shape.

    • The spine extends out of the manipura cakra over the legs below,

    • Idea - extending into a lighter, brighter space beyond a limit.

  2. Develop a subtle feeling for the movement of extending into a lighter, brighter space, and adjusting the body into the form.

    • Here we noticed the shoulders really need to relax in order to extend.

    • Extending feels like being drawn into the lighter, freer space outside.

    • Feel contrast of heavy tension in body and moments of lighter, freer movement.

  3. Moving and acting more easily with the picture of the pose, for the picture becomes a bit clearer, and a feeling for the idea of the pose more known

  4. Reflecting back on the experience of the pose.

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