Integrating yoga

into everyday life

A 2hr extended class to introduce the topic of integrating yoga into everyday life.

Today the yoga poses are usually practiced to promote a sense of well-being or for health of the physical body. 

Less well known are the soul qualities of the yoga poses,

qualities which can provide people with valuable tools to

support them in their everyday life.


These soul qualities relate to the 7 cakra or 7 soul centres,

and as we carry out a yoga pose we experience these qualities

in the movements of the exercises.​

Movement qualities like:

being able to maintain a calm,

composed sense of oneself in a

busy or distracting environment

in the Tree

being able to create a growing expansive, freer, lighter space, for others

in the Triangle

being able to let go,

open into the here and now,

in Standing half moon.

In this 2 hour extended class we will

  • practice asana to create different movement qualities that relate to everyday life

  • carry out some simple observational exercises

You will come away with

  • first impression for tools which can support you in everyday life.

  • small booklet capturing contents of this class, including the exercises we performed.

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