9am to 10.30am


Rottingdean village hall

  • Park Rd, Rottingdean

  • Car parking here or by Tesco off Marine Drive


Remaining dates 2019

•    Sept 7th,14th, 21st,            28th 

no 5th Oct

•   Oct 12th 19th, 26th,           2nd Nov, 9th

no 16th Nov

  • 23rd Nov, 30th, 7th Dec, 14th.

  • Restart Jan 2020


£10 per class

Open class 

-working with different themes-

These classes are an introduction to the basic Yoga poses,

and are for people of all ages (above 18yrs) and abilities.

Together we will:  

  •  Explore the basic Yoga poses,

such as the Sun Prayer, the Tree, the Plough etc, in their outer shape and inner expression.

•  Work with different themes,

like, getting to know the 7 cakra or soul centres

and how their character is expressed through the different yoga poses. For example, the muladhara cakra, located alongside the very base of the spine, and its related movement quality of direct action. 

•  Work with the basic principles

in how to approach the yoga poses in a mindful way, rather than working from the body to the mind.​


From our practice together I hope you will establish:

• greater strength, flexibility and stability

•  a more balanced and more joyful sense of oneself

•  and develop tools which aid you in your approach to  everyday life.

Please bring mat and or blanket

To book a place contact Lisa on

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