6 week Beginners course

- The art of asana practice-


Wed 3rd April 2019

til May 8th

7pm to 8pm


Rodmell Village Hall, 

The Street

Rodmell, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 3HF

Please note: Parking available in car park behind hall. 


£6.50 or £30 for all 6

All welcome.



This 6 week course introduces the art of asana practice,

and differs to most ways of approaching asana. 

For rather than working out of the body towards a state of mind,

here, from the mind, we view simple ideas ,

which we aim to express through the body.

Just as an artist expresses an idea in a painting or sculpture,

so too we express ideas, which relate to the asana,

through the physical body

Ideas and 7 cakra

The ideas behind the asana relate to the 7 cakra or soul centres.

These have been described from the insight of yoga master Heinz Grill,

and offer a new step on the yoga path.

For now the yoga aim of seeking connection to a meaningful part of oneself, can be met by learning to the express these meaningful ideas through the body.

These ideas can be briefly summarised as: 








The art of sculpting the idea of the 7 cakra 

The artistry to express the various ideas through our practice are the soul’s capacities to:

•    think the idea

•    feel the idea

•    move with the idea

This way of practising takes time to develop,

and first experiences may seem small, but with practice what results is a joyful, aesthetic way of practising asana, which gives to the inner life as well as to the physical body.

Course structure

In these classes you will learn a 7 asana cycle, through which we can form first sketches of the poses in more lively way.

Week 1 – 7 asana cycle

Week 2 – Cycle for idea of anahata  cakra

Week 3 – Cycle for idea of manipura cakra and visuddha cakra 

Week 4.- Cycle for idea of svadhisthana cakra and ajna cakra

Week 5 – Cycle for idea of muladhara cakra and sahasrara cakra

Week 6 – 7 asana cycle.


What you will gain

•    A first understanding in how to express ‘idea’ through the body by 

o    Thinking the idea o    Feeling the  idea o    Moving with the idea

•    Better shaping and strengthening to the physical body.

•    Develop capacities, which support your everyday way of relating.

•    Knowing the difference between working with the body towards a state of mind, and          working from the mind towards the body.

•    Asana cycles for you own home practice

•    A booklet explaining this thoughtful approach to asana practice 

'Going beyond a limit.'

Below, paschimottasana 

& the idea of...

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