Asana cycles to practice at home

7 asana cycle

Good for early morning practice

This cycle is made up of 7 asana, with each asana relating to 1 of the 7 cakra, as positioned next to the length of the spine. 
It gives the opportunity to get familiar with the expressions of the different cakra, and to work with the whole length of the spine.

12 asana cycle

A typical Sivanada cycle

This cycle is given from Sivananda and the individual poses are inspired by the thoughts from Heinz Grill. 


1 asana

Focus on just one asana

Perhaps you are interested in 1 asana, and want to develop it further. Here I've described how you could work with the Soul Dimension book, in which the asana is described in detail by Heinz Grill.

More asana cycles for you!

A cycle for the morning

A simple to wake up with the day.

12 asana cycle

This cycle is given from Sivanada, and the thoughts for the individual asana are based on the insights of Heinz Grill. 

Cosmic prayer

A very beautiful meditative asana

Asana cycle for gardeners and plant lovers!

This cycle gives you an experience of movement as found in nature and the yoga poses.

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