Many people today take up the practice of a yoga pose – asana - to promote well-being for both mind and body.


There are many kinds of asana, with different approaches being described inspired by different teachers.


For an integrated approach to the yoga poses, promoting health and well-being requires the soul to become active in relation to an idea or a theme, so that newly created aesthetic qualities can be given rather than an taking from the body via an energetic vitalising.


To this yogi Heinz Grill writes:

‘‘The soul receives impulses from physical existence,

and it receives also influences and stimuli from the thought-life and thus from the spirit. 

Those impulses that they receive from the body, can only serve as information,

but they cannot widen the consciousness.

In all exercises, especially in the physical exercises, but also in all concentration and meditation exercises, the soul should receive its attunement from a higher spirit.

Not the sense arrested or involved body consciousness grants permission to motivate the Yoga exercise.

Very concrete thoughts, which are shaped from a spiritual truth consciousness,

must accompany the yoga exercise. 

In simple terminology you can picture the direction of action, and imagine it as an influence or better said recognise it as a thought process, which flows from above to below in the soul and which from the spirit or transcendent truth-reality outwardly enriches the inner soul structure.

The path from above to below or from the thought to the feelings, from the unmanifest to the knowable and finally to the manifest, is for the exercise practice in the given time extremely necessary.’ (The Soul Dimension of Yoga, 2010)

An integrated approach to asana practice brings the soul to an idea founded on a spiritual insight,

and learns to express this through the physical shaping of the body.


The ideas behind the asana, relate to the 7 cakra or soul centres, each of which has its own particular expression. These expressions have been described from the spiritual insight of Heinz Grill, and can be found in his book ‘The Soul Dimension of Yoga’.


What results from this way of practice are various kinds of aesthetic qualities,

which promote health to both soul and body.

Example of Asana practice


More from Heinz Grill on asana practice for the Soul Dimension.


Asana sequences for practice.

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